Online Article Publication Time*

Data from previous
years is not available.
20 15 10 5 Weeks 2015 2016 2015 2016
  • 17.9 weeks
  • 8.2 weeks
  • 16.6 weeks
  • 1.9 weeks

About Online Article Publication Time*

Indicates speed of publication at the journal level, excluding special issues.


Year First Final
2016 1.9 16.6
2015 8.2 17.9


Online Article Publication Time*

Online Article Publication Time, excluding special issues. The average number of weeks an article takes to reach key points in the online publication process. There are two key periods:

  • 1. From manuscript acceptance to the first appearance of the article online (with DOI).
  • 2. From manuscript acceptance to the final appearance online of the fully paginated article.

When you mouse over the green and white circles in the graph above, the average number of weeks for an article in this journal to reach each key point is displayed.