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About Article Influence & Eigenfactor

Citations from highly ranked journals are more important and influential than those from lower ranked journals.


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Article Influence

Article Influence is calculated by dividing the Eigenfactor® score by the percentage of all articles recorded in the Journal Citation Reports that were published in a specific journal. The Article Influence score measures the average influence per article of the papers in a journal. As such, it is comparable to Clarivate Analytics widely used Impact Factor. Article Influence scores are normalized so that the mean article in the entire Clarivate Analytics Journal Citation Reports (JCR) database has an article influence of 1.00.


The Eigenfactor® score is a rating of the total importance of a specific journal. Journals are rated according to the number of incoming citations, with citations from highly ranked journals weighted to make a larger contribution to the Eigenfactor® than those from poorly ranked journals. As a measure of importance, the Eigenfactor® score scales with the total impact of a journal. Journals generating higher impact to the field tend to have larger Eigenfactor® scores. The Eigenfactor® approach is thought to be more robust than the Impact Factor metric, which counts purely incoming citations without considering the significance of those citations.

Article influence and Eigenfactor® exclude self-citations.